Directors' Biographies


Joshua Archer

Joshua Archer

Joshua Archer is the founder and co-director of Iocari, and he has a dream of expanding the horizons of interactive storytelling experiences which engage, educate and motivate. Joshua received his BA in Philosophy from UC Berkeley in 1994, and he has interests and credentials that span many subject areas. A bit of a renaissance man, Joshua has studied math and physics, he has been a software engineer and educator, he has run his own web design company, and his hobbies have included beekeeping, cheese-making, music, brewing and stage combat. Joshua has been involved with many enrichment programs over the past dozen years that educate children and lead them to be better people. He cites his personal success and his interest in learning in so many areas as having roots in playing storytelling games as a child growing up, and is a fierce advocate of integrative learning opportunities that engage both sides of the brain. Joshua is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Education at Sonoma State University for the express purpose of improving and extending the work of Iocari.


Bert Holcomb

Herbert Holcomb

Herbert Holcomb is co-director, designer and game-master for Iocari Games. Herbert grew up in the public school system of California’s greater Bay Area. As an educator with a passion for the power of narrative, Herbert has discovered first-hand the usefulness of interactive storytelling or “role-playing” games as a diverse and effective instructional tool. In addition to a degree in English Literature and a Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential, Herbert has an extensive background in Sports (as tennis instructor and volleyball coach) and Team-Building for both children and adults. For more than ten years, Herbert has worked with students of varying age-ranges (K-12-adult) in a variety of settings (classroom, summer camp, tutoring and extra-curricular) toward the goal of reaching individual students, finding and promoting their strengths and identifying and strengthening their areas of challenge. In his spare time, Herbert is an active athlete with local, co-ed sports leagues, as well as an avid storyteller and aspiring writer.


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